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woensdag, 27 april 2005



They DO have a Plan B. They are going to send his new special czar on Iranian Policy, refmor President Jimmy Carter to meet with Iran's neighbors, Iraq and Afghanistan and encourage them to stop treating Iran like a real country. It's not a real country in the sense that Afghanistan or Iraq are Carter has been cautioned not to accuse the Iranians of being racists and was told to avoid any inflammatory rhetoric except as may apply to the other non-country, Israel.You haven't heard any of this? That's because you are spending too much time watching Fox News! Get over to the real' news network, MSNBC.


helloi also do not know any of you .but find the conversation intntesrieg and i have definitley been in these situations.I do feel that the unspoken here is class isn't this in part a class issue? I think it is easy for some to say if you can't split the bill don't come but do all of you make a lot of money and always have had money? If we only surround ourselves with people who can afford to eat at expensive restaurants and not have to think twice about the cost we would be limiting ourselves and our friendships based on class. When one has privledge it is easy to be flip and not consider those that may not have the same privledge as you. I mean the ultimate would be that we could all share in food be up front and say hey i am flush this month i don't mind putting extra in or gee this has been a bad month who can cover me .but we are not that generous and we are often judgemental of those who have less ..here's to a good old potluck!thaksn for then postpeace


There's a sceret about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

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