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donderdag, 27 april 2006



I'll riff off a couple of these thtughos (in a similiar vein as to what's above) I'm not sure something like CES would be a good place to announce something new for immediate release anymore. It can be very easy to get lost in the general noise of the crowd.I find the prototype stuff very interesting. And the big convention looks to be a great place for the various business's to play with eachother's prototype wares and take those ideas back to their own development houses. In anycase, 2010 isn't really that far away? Is it?And while there are alot of us that scan every single Gizmodo and Endgaget posting. The majority of people still don't, so there is alot of things at a show like CES that will be new to them.I'm sure it can get tedious for the people that cover it day in and day out, but that tedious tingling feeling let's you know you're at work and not play right?Good coverage from you. Thanks for all the videos.

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