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donderdag, 08 juni 2006



En nu ben ik wel 'ns benieuwd naar de winnaar...


Maarten zal het vermoedelijk zo druk hebben met zijn nieuwe speelgoedje dat hij geen tijd heeft om er over te bloggen, laat staan te podcasten ...


waar is de mp3 of this post??? :-)


I don't know any of you people, but I'm comlleped to write because this is a topic that touches a nerve. I have been in at least one group dinner (in the US) where I had to subsidize someone else's drinks and steak even though I chose tap water and the cheapest thing on the menu to stay within MY budget. After that, I simply avoided going out with some of these people.


Just wondering if in your move, you're going to for go your blnagome (speckled nest). I am planning to start my own business soon, and speckled nest was one of the names I came up with...so I googled it, and found your blog! Which, is delightful, may I add?

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