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vrijdag, 11 augustus 2006



Oh yes! I've been complaining about this for ages. If you want cnmmeots on your blog why not make it easy for people to comment?I have a very good spam filter on my blog. So far nothing has made it through that shouldn't have. If it's obviously spam, it puts it in the spam folder (which I check a couple of times to week in case something shouldn't be in there very rarely something shouldn't), if it's not sure it puts it in a moderation queue for me.I don't have a Google account linked to my blog, only a personal one. I'm sorry but I don't want to comment on a WoW blog using my personal Google ID and I don't see why I should have to create a new ID on some site JUST to be able to comment on someone's blog.I'm sorry people but if you want cnmmeots make it easy for people to comment. Don't ask them to register, download plugins and whatnot. 99% of the people won't do it.


Wat is het leven toch mooi en interessant!Wat een dielidujke uitleg van ons bestaan Ga vooral zo door met schrijven, het is zeker een eye-opener voor vele!!!lieve groet,Ramona & Ingrid

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