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maandag, 11 december 2006



ai yi yi! your use of architecture is amianzg girl! you have such an amianzg eye! i love the buildings/bike, the trees reaching for the sky in a lacy tangle, and the up-close intimate moments! it's all amianzg! you are inspiring!


One of the best´╗┐ professors I've ever had. To be able to atnted his classes really is a privilege, for he really makes spectacles out of them. With Maarten Van Ginderachter, history comes to life. With erudition and (dry) humor he always knows how to keep the students concentrated and encourages participation. Sir, if you ever read this: DON'T EVER CHANGE YOUR STYLE, for serious. In fact, I think you should extend the number of courses. It's a shame you only teach so few

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