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maandag, 16 juli 2007



Fristi met tortilla-chips?


hoioi iedereen
ik snap het concept van deze viavia neit goed, waar kan je bloggen juist, hoe werkt het ?


Dutchie here,The jokes about germans stlnaieg bikes and digging holes in the dutch beaches are more of a reverence to WWII than warnings.The one about the bikes is fairly innocent, in WWII the germans needed steel to build stuff. They took a lot of bikes and after the libaration lots of dutch people demanded their bikes back. give me my bike back is used as a bit of a reminder to the germans (hell, we even made a football chant about it).The second one is, in my opinion, a bit harsher (but then again, it's dutch humor). The joke here is that the germans dig holes in our beaches because they're still looking for mines they left in WWII. After WWII a lot of germans captured by the dutch were forced to clean the beaches of bombs. From what I learned about this in school (and from TV) I can only tell that this was incredibly dangerous. Really, I'm talking about literally having to poke around with a metal stick into a minefield kind of dangerous. So yeah Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little historical tibits!Love this blog by the way, it's so true

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