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woensdag, 08 augustus 2007


Uw Moeder

Misschien wel de belangrijkste vraag: was het eten lekker?

Imke Dielen

Is altijd gezellig... :) EN ja, was het eten lekker?


Koninginnehapje met frietjes en een Ice Tea'ke... mmm... lekker!


Het stoofvlees was ook zeer oké, net als de pintjes.


Hmmmm, ik hoor het al, het mocht iets kosten... :-)


We zijn Microsoft niet hè...

Maarten Schenk

De halve kip met frietjes en een pintje dat gezellig stond te schuimen mochten er ook zijn!


8pNu5B I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on display!


Hi Peter,As you know, I am from Asia having wkreod in China, The Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan. In these regions possesing such an advanced skill as Lean Six Sigma is a great asset, and I have witnessed or heard many companies implementing a strategy to train a first batch of employees and hoping to use them to train others. Unfortunately, most people immediately advertise themselves to consulting companies or even set up a company to provide consultancy service once they have reach certification. Those that stayed on, well they did not have the integrity to impart to the next batch 100% of what they learnt.I am not challenging your advice to companies to implement such skill training in batches, I am only advicing that companies must also implement checks and balances.Wish you all the best in your new book.

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