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zondag, 26 augustus 2007



Dug it and viewed it. Moeilijke opdracht! Succes


Kan niet makkelijk zijn...
Heb ook een goedje.

Ik zoek een Trouwcadeau voor mijnschoonpapa...



Ik denk dat alle ondernemers zo sttrean. En de succesvollen slagen erin hun bedrijf voor hun te laten werken ipv omgekeerd. Namelijk dat je werknemer wordt van je eigen bedrijf = nachtmerrie!!! Daar moet je inderdaad beslissingen durven nemen en de gevolgen daarvan omarmen. Een prachtig boek hierover is : four hour work week van tim ferrissVeel succes en inspiratie, Ronny


As one who has left the marble-lined, bneuisss suited corridors of power in DC to launch a life of t-shirt-clad technologist in Washington I can say that it is indeed possible to live that life around here, just not as easy as elsewhere where the economic and even social attitudes are such that entrepreneurs are supported and encouraged. The strong pull of the normal life' so powerful in the recession proof government and friends of government' industries around the Beltway is a constant threat that can take you away from trying something risky' (socially, financially, emotionally). Following a different path from the one taken by so many inside the Beltway is far more difficult here than for the masses of Silicon Valley.The key is the passion you feel for what you are doing, and in the post-collegiate life this is one of your strongest assets you bring to any career you pursue. Can you take the risk and take a chance, going up against a few obstacles and setbacks that are bound to come and the feelings of failure that might follow? Can you find something in DC that you can throw your heart into and make work? (it is possible by the way )My advice, after going from fine dinners with lobbyists to Cup-o-Noodles in a low rent Georgetown basement I shared with multi-legged guests on the insect world? Don't waste your passion on Clarendon and fashion. Take the jump and follow your heart.Good luck with your decision.


The more open the network (in this case, your ardseds book), the more casual messages flow in. You certainly want to ardseds phone calls before your FaceBook inbox. This is why I keep having multiple email ardsedses, that I try to keep matching different activities & networks . When I go to any one email inbox, I more or less know what to expect there, how much priority I'm going to give it, and what is the best moment for looking at it.Well, that sounds great at first, but it's still very difficult to keep those ardseds books from overlaping. Ideally, we would have only one email ardseds, we would be able to separate our contacts into a few categories, and the inbox would have a tab for each category. Some categories would deserve to be emptied with care, while others would not require the same kind of attention, at least not at the same time.

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Some showcased handdrawn photographs with the Queen and Union flags, while some only bore the phrases Diamond Jubilee and Sixty.


Beauchamp wasn't the girl's father, but he was the boyfriend of her mom. Both equally were drug addicts with the time and not able to help or treatment for your little one.


Beauchamp stated the government wouldn't soften its placement about the tuition hikes, but has continually been open to many of the proposals, as well as questioning the administration tactics in universities.


Lowcountry Casters: The native program of Casting for Recovery Lowcountry Casters will host its initial retreat Oct. 810 at Palm Critical Vacation resort in Ridgeland. The retreat is limited to about fifteen most women, who will be randomly chosen.


On Tuesday December four, the DeRidder Police Office responded to an armed robbery at Barksdale Federal Credit score Union positioned on North Pine St in DeRidder, LA. Witnesses express that 4 armed adult males robbed the financial institution.


Covington mentor Ryan Sowers reported his group do not ever gave up, in spite of falling powering by nine operates early.


Pass up Bethell explained tons of website visitors dropped in towards park that can help and a lot of aided out by sewing a few of the hundreds of flags them selves.


Blessed with exquisite shorelines, sapphire blue waters, superb mountain outcrops in addition to a stone's throw through the reef, Palm is picture postcard materials.


Chelsea continued to name the tune and Oscar headed straight at Foster from Juan Mata's cross in the past Ba strike a leftfooted exertion down the throat within the West Brom 'keeper.


Some 450 other goods were being also auctioned within the celebration, including the trousers that Elvis Presley wore on the "Jailhouse Rock" movie, a jumpsuit worn by 70s pop star David Cassidy and objects from David Bowie, Michael Jackson as well as Grateful Lifeless.

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