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dinsdag, 11 december 2007



Sorry for adding this a bit late here, but isn't the cerantl issue to the bank system (which I find great, by the way!) the issue of trust? If I decide to have dinner with someone, then usually I also assume I can to a large degree trust them. (Biz lunches can be a bit tricky that way, but let's just go with it for the time being.) So when I go out with a group, I'm quite happy to assume that everybody pitches in according to their perceived consumption. (Shall we call it a truthy payment morale?) I'm from Germany, where splitting the bill by individual is pretty common, but it definitively isn't very elegant: After all, it's simply nice to share your appetizers with your friends, right? So in case someone repeatedly and intentionally underpays massively, i.e. tries to game the bank, then I'd rather not have dinner (or contact) with that person again. But let's face it: Mostly it's simply that someone forgot some items, and a brief reminder to double check is more than enough.(In Berlin there's a restaurant that works as the bank: Everybody just symbolically rents a wine glass for 1 Euro, then gets as much wine & dinner as they like. And not like a crappy buffet, but a great, amazing, lovingly created several course dinner. In the end, everybody pitches in what they feel they owe, and according to the owner, it works out just fine. The atmosphere is great, too!)

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On Tuesday December 4, the DeRidder Police Section responded to an armed robbery at Barksdale Federal Credit Union located on North Pine St in DeRidder, LA. Witnesses mention that 4 armed fellas robbed the bank.


Paris generated 7 steps previous 7 days within the doctor's workplace, which LaRanda explained was a wonder in alone.


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