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woensdag, 12 december 2007



Splitting the bill equally is detieifnly NOT usual in America (at least where I'm from). And from time to time I've had meals with folks that have suggested splitting the bill evenly. This is only acceptable when you're having a family style' meal where all of the plates and beverages are shared equally. Even then, one in the party should be given the option of having a meal without appetizers or without wine, and not being expected to pay for an equal share of the bill later on.It is almost always acceptable to ask for separate checks. Usually you want to ask at the beginning of the meal. Just ask the wait-staff Can you put mine on a separate check? .With some situations, you might find that one ore more of your colleagues (used in the American/English sense and not the Swiss one) is happy to be a cheapskate and not pay their fair share. When using the Stowe System' you describe, you can often figure out who it is and not invite them along in the future.Often, when going out for a friend's birthday, one or more of your dining companions will offer to buy you lunch. This was the case with our usual work lunch group.If I was in the situation you describe, I would probably insist on a separate check, as would most of the people I know. But then again, I'm from Seattle and not from California. The culture is more similar between Seattle and Switzerland than between Seattle and California. And, I've lived in all three places

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