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woensdag, 30 september 2009



Dit is heel grappig, ik heb in een deuk gelegen! Star trek was nooit zo mijn programma maar in deze uitvoering met een vleugje monty python is het uiterst plezierig kijken.

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"Defensively, we are not the very same workforce when he is from the game," Harris stated. "He erases loads of our blunders."


The Trojans fell powering 101 subsequent to an inning as well as a 50 percent, then pulled within a few at ten 7 only to discover the Ramblers up their lead to 137.


The phonebook over the Nokia X101 is not as powerful given that the just one on S40 versions, however you nevertheless get loads of performance.


North Star additional to its direct within the 1st drive on the 3rd quarter, led by backup quarterback Brantley Rice. The Cougars moved the ball


Some 450 other objects ended up also auctioned within the function, including the trousers that Elvis Presley wore in the "Jailhouse Rock" film, a jumpsuit worn by 70s pop star David Cassidy and objects from David Bowie, Michael Jackson as well as Grateful Useless.


"Was a large participate in," George stated. "I believed the ref was likely to connect with a cost."


Wild and ridiculous typically are not strong enough text to describe the softball sectional recreation concerning Covington and Attica.


Five aspiring styles experienced their prayers answered yesterday every time they have been picked during the Stylish Model Management New york Model Look for at Pacific Truthful.


Kobe Bryant experienced 20 factors and 11 assists for that Lakers (2529), who hardly ever led. They acquired within 5047 in the next period of time, however the Clippers took off on an one hundred ten operate and experienced a 6452 halftime lead.

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