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woensdag, 07 oktober 2009



wat ik te zeggen heb, komt op deze manier toch ook op blogologie????



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What was so unsatisfying about Hugo's preisntateon. There was no need for Eric to cut his preisntateon at all, like at all. Good Job Hugo, I think you did perfectly fine, don't worry about whatever shit you might have been told after this preisntateon by Eric.


I'm building one such form right now, and my thnkinig is that the usefulness of such multiple choice radio buttons stems from forcing users to provide an answer, while the drop-down list has a pre-selected item (the first one), which might give too much credence to that first item if the user were to click Submit without bothering to change all values It also makes all options visible on first pass, which might help some.Besides, the Other: choice is not displayed by default: it's up to the form maker to have it displayed or not, which is a good thing to have.Hence, I think I'd much favor the fake multiple choice radio buttons over the list-type, were I to need one and only one answer.I could be wrong


Well of course, it ddnepes of the reference you take And what you call multilingual.For me, being multilingual is being able to understand and be understood in current situations, without too much help of the hands or drawing (because here we refer to internet ), being able to read a reasonnably simple fucking manual and understand it.For the reference you took, as you were speaking of adapting the internet and software to a multilingual environment, I considered the languages used there. That excludes a lot of them, and for example, for the lagnuages spoken in Malawi, I'm quite sure that there are very few sites in Chitumbuka or Chisena.Actually, for a language to be used on the internet and/or in a software, it has to be a written language (and if possible with an iso charset, that helos ) and multilingual means also being litterate in both languages.Which reduces drastically the number of multilingual people because of immigration, for example. Often the first generation has difficulties in writing / reading the new language, even when speaking it correctly, and the third one has forgotten it.San Francisco and NY are not the US. And even if that's true there are some places where a lot of people speak and read another language than english (and that's the reason why there is a hispanic google), they might be not that fluent in english.True multilingual countries (which means with litteracy in several languages) are really seldom, India is one of them, Luxembourg another one. For most of the African countries, the multilingualism is actually a split of fields, some fields resort to a language, like private life and family life, usually african language, and another field, business or science, resorts to french, english or portuguese.In South America, that s more or less the same, children are mutlilingual, but taught to read and write only in one language.If you consider the other large countries in the world, Brazil is not multilingual with litteracy, China is a special case, of coexistence of several languages written the same way, but most of the multilingualism is reserved to the different versions of Chinese . In Europe, there was a study estimating the number of people able to speak in two or more languages up to 20% of the population maximum.But as you say, the main question is where do you put the bar ?


I think everyone here has a point. I'm from Portugal. There at scohol you learn at least two languages in my case I learnt English and French and though I don't master French that well I was recently in France and was able to communicate with everyone and it was easier than trying to talk in English, which I consider myself to be quite fluent.Now, regarding bilingual sites I consider that it depends on the audience and objectives you have. I'm currently setting up my own blog about I.T. Administration I wanted primarily to write to Portuguese speaking readers, but most information available is in English if I only write in Portuguese people from all over the world, who don't speak Portuguese, won't be able to read and comment on my blog on the other hand, if I write in English only, I loose a part of my Portuguese audience (I'm currently in Brazil and most Brazilians don't master English) Wrapping it up I think sites should be Bilingual or Multilingual.. whatever

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George, a previous Slam Dunk Contest participant, was mainly amazed with Hibbert's dunk. It gave Indiana a 2217 lead late on the number one quarter and established the tone to the rest of the game.


of us have any great duck hunters, apparently, quipped Hilldale coach Darren Riddle, his team now ninety five. have highballed it and says 35 but I not astonished.


The Hornets and Wagoner combined to depart 22 baserunners on. The Hornets experienced a 1210 edge there and that variation in operates, Hilldale prevailing 20 from the chilly contest.


"I'm not before a counterproposal, I am before a defence in their situation," she said. "They did not proceed the basic problem and i'm dissatisfied."


Covington mentor Ryan Sowers explained his staff practically never gave up, irrespective of slipping powering by nine operates early.


She was claimed to have been petrified of Beauchamp and at a person place begged a colleague of the pair to acquire her away.


A coroner stated her accidents were inflicted by a blunt instrument in all likelihood a fist and that she confirmed many bruising from previous beatings.


3 minutes later on West Brom established their initial chance of the sport when defender Steven Reid forced Petr Cech to idea the ball through his crossbar with a fiercely struck freekick from wholly 35 yards.


The Pacers have received all 10 NBA playoff series through which they have taken a twenty lead, as well as five sweeps. Activity three will undoubtedly be played Saturday in Atlanta.George experienced plenty of guide in Activity two. George Hill scored 22 factors, Hibbert experienced 15 factors and 9 rebounds, and Environmentally friendly, a reserve, extra 15 factors for your Pacers.


Harrison utilised the guitar whereas practising the music "I am the Walrus." Lennon performed it during a movie session for "Hello, Goodbye."


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