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vrijdag, 16 april 2010



Dag Sofie en Ruben! Het moet echt een prachtige reis gseweet zijn. Ik vond het super om jullie verslagjes te lezen Zo had ik toch een beetje vakantiegevoel in dit sombere Belgenlandje Goeie terugreis!!

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Darrell Compton, chief of your Shelby Valley Volunteer Fireplace Office, mentioned the bodies of your victims remained within the residence late Wednesday morning.

Smith's absence was felt a whole lot more on protection. Smith is one of the league's leading shot blockers.


"I believe they breed them pretty fabulous down here."


Paul George scored 27 factors to help the Indiana Pacers defeat the Atlanta Hawks 11398 on Wednesday night time and just take a 20 guide of their firstround Jap Conference playoff collection.


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