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donderdag, 24 maart 2011



tcZKqy Home run! Great slugging with that answer!


kg7orJune 28, 2011 The claim that LED gives better pitcure quality than LCD is one of the most common myths in this business.In the first place, an LED set is nothing more than an LCD set with a newer type of backlighting. They both have the same LCD display.In the second place, lab tests and owner reviews demonstrate that the important factor in pitcure quality is the specific model of a set, not its brand or whether it uses LED backlighting. While LED technology does provide advantages, there definitely are conventional LCD sets with better pitcure quality than certain low-rated LED sets. You need to carefully look at test results and user reviews in order to make a valid decision.So the bottom line for you, in my opinion, is no the pitcure quality difference, if any, won't justify another $ 200, unless the specs, reviews, etc. of the cheaper set suggest otherwise.


Dont even think of buying this phone. This is not a bnsiuess phone. None of the features work perfectly. Dual sim is only active standby and not atcive call. The phone restarts atleast 5-6 times a day there is some problem with the firmware. THe camera resoluton is poor. The phone has only 4 mb of space for installation of application which is majorly occupied by the system apps like yahoo msgr msn msgr and palringo. You cannot install any bnsiuess apps like dictonary or mobile office. Push email doesnot work if you keep switching sims and network. Now at all a good buy. Totall waste of money

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