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dinsdag, 19 april 2011



Maybe smneooe here Maybe smneooe here can help me I have a question how do you arrange it so that your city/state is listed under your picture in profile searches? Right now all that it displays in searches is my name and picture. The city/state doesn't display.

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Cianfrance: I have a film called The Place Beyond the Pines, which is all about fathers and guns, and it has motorcycles and guns in it. One thing I wanted to do with Blue Valentine was to make a really violent film without guns in it. The next one will have guns, so it will be easier. No studio yet. Were in the middle of financing it right now.

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Wird irgendwie umgehen.
businessKa bb4arg48


le sujet Incomparable....
thaliaKa bb4arg48


Bravo, questa brillante idea appena inciso
caroleKa bb4arg48


Absolut ist mit Ihnen einverstanden. Ich denke, dass es die gute Idee ist.
caroleKa bb4arg48


la même chose urbanesi quelque
vermontKa bb4arg48


Bravo, questa brillante idea appena inciso
racoonKa bb4arg48


Molto curioso argomento
barberKa bb4arg48

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1.) Wayne Brady gets cheesy with the Jabbawockeez: In many ways, Bradys very strange dance intro with the Americas Best Dance Crew champs was an indication of what we can expect for the show. It was as if it was saying get ready for some strange moves, dated performances, and lots of confusion.


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