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woensdag, 21 maart 2012



Ik ben blij dat gij in mijn team zit, Maarten. ;)


, and accepted wihtout any problem.There is a very famous sketch of a French humorist, Muriel Robin, called the note (l'addition) that deals with that.Now when I arrived in Germany, I was surprised and even shocked to see people always making their own counts, even when it was obvious we had eaten more or less the same, and we were both on good budget, which means one or two euros difference would not be a problem. I was looked at strangely at the beginning with my french habit of 50-50 or 25-25-25-25 even and specially when I was paying less with the actual split than I would have had with the evenly split. People told me you would have paid 3 euor more and I answered well who cares So for me, as long as I know we are on equal financial level, I still think it's quicker, and nicer, to make the evenly split. We had a nice moment together, we shared everything equally, laughing, nice talks and so on, and I felt hurt with the detailed split (not anymore, that's acculturation). TO make a comparison, would you imagine when you make a party at home and ask your friends to bring some stuff, that theones who brought bigger cakes or bigger salads or more bottles ask to take some back ?In small groups, I still thinks there are some ways to deal with it when you have real budget differences, like I offer the aperitives , or I offer the wine (the first bottle in a large group) but we share evenly the food.For large groups, what I would consider for myself a good solution would be something like evenly share the food (and specially if you have arranged a menu before ) and separate the drinks But definitively, in my culture, even sharing is a part of conviviality.


Beste Tobias,De opslag van engreie vind ik een interessante kijk op het engreie probleem. Je schreef dat de engreiedichtheid van benzine zo’n 13kWh per kilogram is. Als er een batterij ontwikkeld wordt met een hogere engreiedichtheid dan die van benzine, zouden we dan commercieble vliegtuigen kunnen laten vliegen op elektriciteit?


hallo allemaal. beandkt voor jullie reacties. het is voor mij we'll even wennen. maar langzamer wordt het steeds makkelijker om ermee om te gaan. ik wist niet dat ik zoveel steun zou krijgen. echt tof en ik bedank jullie allemaal. groetjes van mij Reply

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